White Weddings


White: renowned as one the most powerful colors across countless centuries and cultures, it brings to mind a host of connotations. Consider the absolute purity of a winter morning, as falling snow gently blankets a country road. White is the color of innocence and peace, linked forever with the gentleness of a newborn lamb and the natural beauty of a soaring dove. White is unspoiled perfection, a pristine color unmarked by the environment that surrounds it.

And yet white is also a new beginning—imagine for just a moment the unimaginable potential of a blank canvas; how it begs to be filled with the kinds of brushstrokes that expand our lives and allow us to grasp the very nature of truth and beauty.

Is it any wonder that so many have chosen a white wedding to usher in a new chapter of their lives? Like the color itself, the tradition is enduring, natural, and pristine. In many ways, it is mankind's own attempt to craft a moment of sheer perfection.

At Vertigo, we don't just embrace the white wedding for our banquets—for you, we elevate it.

Your white wedding begins with the very features of Vertigo itself, as we transform our space to further stand head and shoulders above what other, more pedestrian banquet halls offer. We begin by covering the entire floor with white carpet to lay, quite literally, the very fabric on which the event will be built. On the day of, every last member of our staff  arrives dressed from head to toe in white in order to provide an additional touch of grace and unity.

But our attempt to produce a grandeur unequaled by other banquets doesn't end there. Vertigo also offers a white dinner: close your eyes and picture a parade of white dishes, including endive salads, whitefish filets, and white asparagus. And behind the counter, our bartenders are pouring a number of tantalizingly white cocktails.

However, you may desire an even bolder, more opulent vision for your white wedding; an experience elevated into the realm of the truly remarkable. For banquets of this standard of excellence, Vertigo mirrors the tops of the guests' tables, allowing white to be reflected from floor to ceiling. We can even produce a jaw-dropping aquarium centerpiece, where white-colored fish of several varieties swim in the center of the room for the admiration of your guests. The end result of our work brings a small slice of heaven to our small corner of Glendale, allowing you and your guests to leave the world behind them for several precious hours.

If you're considering a white wedding, know that you deserve a day that's anything but vanilla. Contact us today, and we'll show you how the crisp, clean luxury of Vertigo can provide the perfect compliment for this long-honored tradition.

Armenian Weddings


At Vertigo Event Venue , we love to see first-timers at Armenian weddings—they have no idea what they're in for.

Chances are, the day started out like most other celebrations of holy matrimony. The guests will still be thinking about how graceful the bride looked as she walked down the aisle, the warmth of the pastor's speeches, and the tenderness of the bride and groom's first kiss as a married couple. It's at the reception that the party erupts. As soon as the wedding party walks through our door, we crack our knuckles and start firing on all cylinders.

It's just not an Armenian wedding reception without a huge entrance, and we make sure that each member of the wedding party gets a grand introduction, with booming speakers and sweeping lights giving the star players a welcome worthy of a red-carpet event. As the bride and groom walk hand-in-hand through the entryway, the music swells and the crowd rushes to circle around them on the dance floor. Any conversations are immediately drowned out by the blare of music and the blast of hundreds of hand claps keeping the beat. After about 20 minutes of dances with the bride and groom, the volume drops, and the guests turn back to their tables.

Already waiting for them is the first wave of the countless appetizers and entrees to be relished during the evening. To the uninitiated, this bombardment of culinary delights seems unreal: before the steam stops rising from the first hot plate, crisp salads and fresh-grilled skewers of fine meats are carried in one after another. And, on every table, the bride and groom will have thoughtfully placed a bottle of the finest vodka or whiskey—often both.

But just as you manage to coax a succulent cube of filet mignon off its skewer, the lights will dim again as the whole room rushes back onto the dance floor. This is a moment for everyone. Don't be surprised if you see the most straight-laced executive in the room rush out to be the center of attention, blowing off a hard day in the office by spinning like a top and moving his hips in perfect time with the music. Men compete with one another to be the most wild and uninhibited, each of them heavily encouraged to bring their A-game by the sly smiles and seductive moves of the bride herself.

And just like that, the rhythm slows and the lights raise once more, encouraging the guests to fuel up with food and drink for the next round of celebrations, toasts, a bouquet toss—and of course, more dancing. When the moment is just right and the music once again reaches a thunderous volume, the crowd will lift both the bride and groom high in the air to dance on the tops of chairs. The night ends only when the guests have reached a point of total exhaustion, stumbling out of their tables and loosening their belts a few notches from the last sweet bite of wedding cake.

During the entire celebration, Vertigo is orchestrating everything to make sure it's perfect. It's our creativity that allows us to craft new and exciting takes on Armenian comfort food, but it's our professionalism that allows us to get the dishes to your table right before you sit down. Our network of DJs and live singers know how to blend Armenian wedding classics with modern dance music to keep everyone moving. All throughout the night, we're fusing the old with the new for a high-energy and unmistakable celebration that still honors the past.

If you're considering an Armenian wedding, Vertigo has all of the ingredients to make your reception simply unforgettable. Contact us today, and we'd be happy to tell you more about the exciting possibilities within such a cherished and time-honored tradition.

Inside Vertigo Event Venue


Exquisite food and top-flight event production demand to be paired with a space that can take advantage of both. That's why we chose to transform the former Verdugo Hills Country Club into the best event venue in the area. Nestled in Glendale and conveniently accessible from all of Los Angeles, each feature of Vertigo has been crafted to communicate a vision of fine living unique to the surrounding community.

Lower Lobby

Lower Lobby

First impressions are ever so crucial, and Vertigo took the time to get it right. Walk through our doors, and the uninitiated will immediately know that your taste is a cut above the rest of the banquet halls. Adjacent to the White Ballroom, the Lower Lobby invites guests into the building via a foyer that is open and intriguing. Damask wallpaper, a minimally coffered ceiling, and grey marble combine to create a site for guests to mingle. Sophisticated, yet playful, our Lower Lobby provides the bedrock for a day to remember.

White Ballroom

White Ballroom

Located on Vertigo's entry floor, our White Ballroom was designed to add a new level of modern sophistication to the classic white wedding, though our grayscale approach allows us to easily accommodate color-themed events. Guests will benefit from a generous and elegant powder room, itself an opulent vision of white and gold. Within the ballroom, two stages are connected by a wall-to-wall dance floor, making it an ideal choice for concerts and large entourages. A mirrored ceiling accentuates the openness and grandeur of your next event.

Concrete Lounge

Concrete Lounge

Located on Vertigo’s second floor, our concrete lounge is an arresting fusion of organic forms, classically inspired flourishes, and modern structure. Cool shades of grey are paired with splashes of natural color to create a space where our visitors can enjoy an artisan-crafted cocktail and reminisce among friends. Truly, this is a space designed to provide a novel and welcome escape for even our most well-traveled of guests.

Black Banquet

Black Banquet

Treat your guests to an exciting vision of refinement. Designed to immediately capture the eye, Vertigo's top floor blends a chic cubical ceiling with the classic Italian touch of Murano chandeliers. A refined charcoal color swatch boldly merges the old with the new. This banquet hall is an excellent match for any wedding, engagement, birthday, corporate event, or party that demands a higher level of panache.

Tea Room

Tea Room

Our gorgeous, sun-bathed Tea Room serves any Vertigo members who wish to offer their valued guests a welcome respite from the chaos of a fast-paced lifestyle. Our large, circular table brings the party together, framed by wall-to-ceiling windows and elegant wallpaper that brings to mind the grace and calm of falling cherry blossoms. Bright, intimate, and inviting, the Tea Room is a superb way to communicate your admiration for the individuals you choose to surround yourself with.

We would like to invite you to schedule a walk-through and discuss your event needs. We will be more than glad to help.

Event Production

A memorable day can happen spontaneously, but that's never the way to bet. If you wish to place your finger on a specific day on your calendar and ensure that something wonderful happens at a very particular time and for a finite number of people, someone needs to get out there and make it happen. That's where we come in.

At Vertigo, we're convinced that your event is too important for any detail to be left to chance. Far in advance of the celebration, we're working meticulously so that our floor plans maximize the space of our venue, that load-in and load-out times are confirmed, and that the décor placed on each and every table will enhance the festivity. Before your guests arrive, we'll have poured ourselves into designing a menu matched with the mood and season of the event, and we'll have ensured that the ingredients we need are fresh and on hand when the day arrives. It is only this diligence that stands as a bulwark against the unexpected.

We feel compelled to mention that Vertigo is more than simply a team of experts in event production; we also pull from a dense and exclusive network of specialists in order to make certain your moment has each and every one of the resources it needs to be a success. We knew that making the right aesthetic choices in terms of drapery and fresh flowers was critical to create certain moods, and we scoured the area to find those who were as passionate for textiles and arrangements as we were. The vendors that provide our ingredients are selected based on their ability to provide only the highest standard of goods, with Vertigo partnering with separate entities for our meats, cheeses, fruits, salad greens, and spices.

Your guests will quickly become aware of much of this effort. For example, we know that they'll be very conscious of the quality of the champagne in their flute if someone chooses to raise a toast. They'll notice the extraordinary sound quality of the song that plays through our speakers at the very moment when the night's VIP enters the venue. And they'll definitely notice—and remember—the look and taste of their entrees.

However, they may not be aware of the invisible hand that guides the movement of the room; of how Vertigo has already mapped points of interest to intrigue guests and subtly draw them from one point to another, ensuring that the festivities are constantly vibrant and memorable. They may not be aware that our staff has considered how the balance of round tables and rectangular tables work together to comfortably support a night of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Just the same, your guests will be aware that a member of our wait staff will always be there to humbly and courteously fulfill their requests. They may not be aware that said wait staff has been assigned to your event via a carefully-considered ratio in order to ensure that they will never get in the way.

This level of event production is the reason we are confident your event will be remembered. As such, it is a level of event production we feel you deserve.

Food by KAY12 Catering

At last, the search is over. As experts in event planning, it was vitally important for us at Vertigo to partner with a catering organization whose commitment to perfection and client care equaled our own lofty standards. After canvassing countless prospective partners in the greater Los Angeles area, one stood out among many highly qualified outfits for their enthusiasm and raw talent: KAY12 Catering. An energetic collection of young chefs, KAY12 told us that they prided themselves on approaching every dish in their repertoire just a little bit differently than might be expected. The Vertigo staff had issued them a simple and concise challenge. “Surprise us,” we told them, inviting them to cook in our facilities. And surprised we were.

Drawing influence from all parts of a world atlas, we noticed that each chef in their kitchen had a distinctive zeal for fusing wildly different cuisines together. These pairings, however, transcended mere novelty. We were duly impressed by the sheer quality of the dishes themselves, and by the amount of creativity and culinary insight required to know that such pairings would work.

We humbly concluded that each of the KAY12 dishes was special for one simple reason: we had never tasted anything like it.

The evidence is in the food itself. A slider—a true gastropub staple—is elevated with a touch of Creole flair; under the direction of KAY12 Catering, it becomes a fried catfish slider topped with fresh-made slaw, with the meat and veggies nestled between cornbread. Their beef cheek spaetzel brings a decidedly French-Canadian influence to time-tested German classic, and their pairing of white cod with a foundation of tender and buttery quinoa was a combination of textures that etched itself in our memories.

To craft dishes so extraordinary to the palate was one matter, but we were also interested in presentation. Here again, KAY12 delivered handily. Our staff admired the understated beauty of the chefs’ beet salad, with whole ingredients like perfectly-formed balls of mozzarella plated with confidence and integrity. We were equally smitten by their rendition of a simple pasta salad, as green pesto, cherry red tomatoes, and purple cauliflower combined together to create a dish that looked as compelling as it tasted.

Another note on the limitless aptitude and professionalism of KAY12. In their minds—as it is in our own—each event is unique and demands a selection of bespoke dishes befitting of the occasion. Clients are welcomed to suggest dishes they wish KAY12 to prepare, though their chefs see it as a badge of honor to design and deliver the food that will accentuate and enhance a moment of togetherness or celebration.

Vertigo is elated to offer our guests this standard of culinary expertise. At our request, KAY12 recreated several of the dishes mentioned previously. We then photographed them in the hopes that you, the reader, would be able to vicariously experience what our partnered chefs can offer.

However, there is no substitute for the real thing. Complete our “request booking information” form, and it would be our pleasure to schedule a tasting.