White Weddings


White: renowned as one the most powerful colors across countless centuries and cultures, it brings to mind a host of connotations. Consider the absolute purity of a winter morning, as falling snow gently blankets a country road. White is the color of innocence and peace, linked forever with the gentleness of a newborn lamb and the natural beauty of a soaring dove. White is unspoiled perfection, a pristine color unmarked by the environment that surrounds it.

And yet white is also a new beginning—imagine for just a moment the unimaginable potential of a blank canvas; how it begs to be filled with the kinds of brushstrokes that expand our lives and allow us to grasp the very nature of truth and beauty.

Is it any wonder that so many have chosen a white wedding to usher in a new chapter of their lives? Like the color itself, the tradition is enduring, natural, and pristine. In many ways, it is mankind's own attempt to craft a moment of sheer perfection.

At Vertigo, we don't just embrace the white wedding for our banquets—for you, we elevate it.

Your white wedding begins with the very features of Vertigo itself, as we transform our space to further stand head and shoulders above what other, more pedestrian banquet halls offer. We begin by covering the entire floor with white carpet to lay, quite literally, the very fabric on which the event will be built. On the day of, every last member of our staff  arrives dressed from head to toe in white in order to provide an additional touch of grace and unity.

But our attempt to produce a grandeur unequaled by other banquets doesn't end there. Vertigo also offers a white dinner: close your eyes and picture a parade of white dishes, including endive salads, whitefish filets, and white asparagus. And behind the counter, our bartenders are pouring a number of tantalizingly white cocktails.

However, you may desire an even bolder, more opulent vision for your white wedding; an experience elevated into the realm of the truly remarkable. For banquets of this standard of excellence, Vertigo mirrors the tops of the guests' tables, allowing white to be reflected from floor to ceiling. We can even produce a jaw-dropping aquarium centerpiece, where white-colored fish of several varieties swim in the center of the room for the admiration of your guests. The end result of our work brings a small slice of heaven to our small corner of Glendale, allowing you and your guests to leave the world behind them for several precious hours.

If you're considering a white wedding, know that you deserve a day that's anything but vanilla. Contact us today, and we'll show you how the crisp, clean luxury of Vertigo can provide the perfect compliment for this long-honored tradition.