Vertigo Wedding Reception Halls


Most Los Angeles residents will tell you that no two places in the city are quite alike, and there's so much about LA that captivates. Imagine yourself waking up on a Sunday morning and walking through the warm sand of a picturesque Malibu beach. From there, it's but a short drive to the luxury and glamor of the Westside. Then, head to the north to work up a sweat as you navigate some of Southern California's most arresting hiking trails. Finally, as the sun goes down, imagine yourself surveying the LA skyline from the rooftop of a Downtown skyscraper. With so many different versions of beauty, it's no wonder that so many brides and grooms have their own unique idea of the “perfect” wedding moment. Because Los Angeles is a city that can accommodate so many different tastes and moods, it's easy to see why so many choose to get married in the City of Angels.

Wherever in Los Angeles you choose to have your ceremony, Vertigo's wedding reception halls are the perfect compliment. Accessible to the whole of LA, our Glendale facilities are an exquisite gracenote to whatever activity came before. With our in-house theatrical lighting and modern design, our designers can easily integrate a stunning variety of colors to carry the same themes of your ceremony into the late hours of the night.

But if you're a lover of fine dining, you'll see where our wedding reception hall truly shines. While an outdoor wedding can be magical, having the reception at the same location often means serving food that's prepared in advance and reheated just before the guests sit down at their tables. We find this unacceptable: the wedding party deserves far better on such a momentous day.

For that reason, our spaces are crafted to please even the most demanding of food connoisseurs. As course after course of five-star appetizers and entrees arrive at the tables, completely fresh-made and still sizzling on the plate, you'll be giving your guests' palate something to truly savor and remember. And let's not forget our attentive and professional staff, who further ensure that each of your guests is treated like royalty. All the while, they'll enjoy lounging in the comfort and luxury of our thoroughly modern spaces.

Wherever you have your wedding, your reception should shimmer like the sun bouncing off an ocean wave. It should fill your guests with a sense of timelessness and wonder, like a sunset watched from the top of the Hollywood Hills. Put simply, your reception is too important to be made an afterthought. Contact us today, and we'll show you how a Vertigo wedding reception can follow your ceremony with a matchless level of panache.