Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Vertigo


After a two year remodel of what was known as the Verdugo Country Club, Vertigo Event Venue shakes things up in the banquet hall industry in Glendale. Previously the site of the Verdugo Hills Country Club, Vertigo is a daring reconsideration of what an event venue should be.  It is an oasis where every element of a night's celebration fits together impeccably, like a glass of vintage Cabernet served alongside a generous cut of petit filet. Vertigo is the right note, played at exactly the right time.

Walk through our doors and be irrevocably captivated. From our black-brushed bar to our redwood accent wall, each component of Vertigo is designed to compliment our clients' gatherings—not add distraction. Our thoroughly modern design makes an impression while sidestepping ostentation. Vertigo's aesthetics are sleek, but amenable to the client's notion of the perfect evening; modifiable, but always bold.

Of course, any event will be measured by the quality of its food. An exhaustive search of LA caterers produced only one that rose to our lofty standards: KAY12 Catering, a collection of top-flight culinarians whose passion for food was rivaled only by their raw and infectious energy. You'll find no pre-set menus at Vertigo. The personalized dishes of these adventurous chefs delight the eyes and the palate, and paired with KAY12's faultless service, each plate is an indulgence for our guests to savor well into the future.

Vertigo is not—and never will be—all things for all people. We serve those who are driven, sophisticated, and visionary. We host live performances, weddings, corporate gatherings, and virtually any other occasion where our clients wish to put celebration on a pedestal. While no two Vertigo experiences are exactly alike, the type of exhilaration unique to our events is matchless in our industry.

At Vertigo, we refused to be pigeonholed as merely another banquet hall. We're far more than just an empty room waiting to be occupied. And for those who will settle for nothing short of excellence, we're pleased to meet your acquaintance.