Vertigo as a Concert Venue


As frequent event producers and music aficionados, we here at Vertigo always cherish the opportunity to ready our space for a concert. Like most musicians, we're quite aware that crafting a memorable concert has so much more to do than simply providing a physical stage where the artists perform. Rather, our challenge lies in creating an environment that's a perfect match for the artists themselves. Our mission isn't complete until our venue echoes the form and attitude of the night's music. If you think Vertigo is simply another banquet hall, reconsider the notion. Our facilities were built to offer the amenities demanded by musicians and performers truly dedicated to their craft. In just a matter of moments, Vertigo can transform into a full-fledged concert hall. Our in-house speakers allow us to put out a quality of sound that's clear and audible anywhere on the floor. For those itching to crank up the volume, our system has the power necessary to make attendees feel every bass line and drum hit in the middle of their chest. Vertigo's built-in theatrical lighting system is also at your disposal, allowing us to craft the perfect concert, moment by moment.

Of course, looking and sounding spectacular on stage is only one part of the equation. We also offer a space that surrounds the main act in an air of effortless confidence. Both our Black Banquet and White Ballroom are upscale and impeccably modern. Boasting a recent and luxurious renovation, Vertigo is a chic starting point on which to build an event. When the quality of the evening absolutely cannot be compromised, consider booking both of our venues in tandem. This excellent choice allows for a dual concert and after-party in both crisp whites and elegant shades of black.

As you already know, it's just not a proper concert without the right kinds of libations. Just like a gourmet meal, our artists demand the right pairing. An exhibition of classical piano playing can be accompanied with an excellent glass of champagne to give the concert a royal touch. Alternately, our mixologists can serve a high-octane combination of draft beer and housemade cocktails that will make sure the crowd is ready to have a good time as soon as the lights dim.

We're also pleased to eliminate the headaches associated with providing many ancillary concert services—from security personnel to valets to photographers, let Vertigo tend to the details. Our network of seasoned event professionals ensures that you can focus on the music while every guest is well cared for.

It's this kind of start-to-finish and artist-centered approach that sets us apart from most dedicated concert spaces, let alone any other banquet hall or event venue in Los Angeles. In our opinion, the performance of a lifetime should be supported and complimented by the venue itself. It's not difficult to ensure that your next concert will be talked about—in fact, it's as easy as dropping us a line.