Small Spaces for Small Events


At Vertigo, we're keenly aware that one size never fits all. Compared to other event venues in Los Angeles, we boast a much higher degree of flexibility—if you're planning an anniversary or birthday party for a small group of friends and family, or if you want to schedule a corporate event for a smaller group of VIPs or investors, the size, scope, and cost of booking an entire event space may be too much of a good thing.

After all, bigger doesn't always mean better. Consider some of the most memorable times in your life—how many of those events were shared with a small gathering of loved ones over a glass of fine wine with a warm meal in front of you? One of our many specialties here at Vertigo is providing an experience where time stands still, allowing you and those you care about to truly savor one another's company in an air of carefree luxury.

For all of these reasons, Vertigo is pleased to offer the option of smaller spaces. Tell us the vision you have for a graduation party or fundraiser, and we'll supply a solution that brings it to life. For upscale luncheons and business meetings requiring an extra dose of sophistication, our Tea Room can accommodate up to 40 people. Hold your event here, and your guests will be sure to remember our brand of understated elegance in a setting that makes it easy to share, talk, and laugh.

Alternately, we can subdivide both our White Ballroom and Black Banquet Hall into more right-sized choices. Consider the Sweet 16 party or Quinceañera, both timeless celebrations of a young woman's beauty and maturity. In either location—and with a creative seating plan—Vertigo can amplify the enjoyment of your small group, allowing parents to truly treat their daughter and a group of her closest friends like royalty, starting with custom table decorations and ending with a bespoke menu.

As with all of our events, your small group benefits from the same uncompromising, distinctively Vertigo approach to service. Your gathering may consist of five people, fifteen, or fifty. In all cases, our staff will be at your beck and call to ensure that no cup goes empty and that all requests are fulfilled.

Whether you're close to Glendale or searching throughout the Southland, your group demands a venue that's scaled appropriately for the event and tone. Don't settle for shouting at one another across a cavernous room. Contact us today, and we'll show you how using less space can indeed be more.