Rock and Roll Weddings


The rock & roll wedding isn't just about making a splash—it's about creating a coastal tsunami. Most of our clients come to us with an unmistakable sense of style that's uniquely them. Our brides arrive with intricate tattoo sleeves and hair colors that couldn't possibly be duplicated by nature in a million years. Our grooms are rough-and-tumble bad boys with plugged ears and a penchant for dark colors. Just like yourself, these are not “one-size-fits-all” kinds of people.

When rock is more than just a label, but something that's etched on your skin and flows through your veins, a white wedding can feel just a bit stuffy. And if so, there's no limit to the ways that Vertigo can help you shatter the mold when it comes to to celebrating your love for one another.

For your wedding, perhaps you'd prefer that black take the place of white, creating a mood that's sexy and edgy, rather than formal and virginal? Perhaps the groom would feel more at home in a vintage suit, with a fresh pair of Converse tennis shoes replacing the traditional pair of oxfords? Rather than the expected battery of cheery love songs, would you prefer a soundtrack culled from the golden ages of punk rock? We can make it happen.

The amenities of our event spaces are a perfect match for the day we'll build together. First, we'll select the right foundation. Our White Ballroom provides a neutral template for striking color choices and offers a 20 by 42-foot dance floor. Alternately, choose our Black Banquet hall as the starting point for a new kind of sleek, ultra-modern wedding elegance. In both event spaces, you and your guests will benefit from our cutting-edge sound system, allowing every riff and snare hit to sound its absolute best.

For the food, Vertigo's top-flight hospitality service is at your beck and call. Considering that the rock and roll wedding is such a uniquely American tradition, we like to reconceptualize party food staples, with our chefs elevating the profile of hamburgers, wings, and fries with locally-sourced ingredients and exotic combinations of flavor and spice. In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, let us show you what we can do with single-serve cupcakes, each coated with housemade frosting that melts in the mouth with buttery-sweet perfection. Such dishes are familiar on the one hand, but utterly delectable from the first bite.

In our humble opinion, the spirit of rock and roll has always been about gleeful defiance, about having the guts to go your own way and the integrity to stand against established traditions. Rock and roll is a high-octane, all-out party—and despite what some stuffed shirts might think, it's a great match for a wedding.

With Vertigo's expertise, we'll help you tear off a piece of the Sunset Strip and bring it to Glendale, creating a reception conveying the vision and energy that's uniquely you. Contact us today to get the party started.