How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue


We asked our preferred event planners on what was the most important advice they can give a bride and groom when looking for their perfect wedding venue. We narrowed it down to these top five tips in which any bride, groom, bridesmaid, or any future bride to be can benefit from knowing.

1. Budget


It’s no surprise that no matter what your budget is whether small to extravagant, you will always look for a venue that can offer the most bang for your buck. It would be a smarter choice to opt for a venue that already includes higher-quality chairs, tables, linens, and other in-house rental items as part of their packages. This will give you a more flexible budget to spend on decorative items to enhance the theme of their wedding vs. spending a certain amount on basic rental items.

2. Location


It all depends on the type of vibe you want to set at your wedding. It can range from the hustle and bustle of the city life to the quaint outdoor barn scene to the outskirts of the city. The location will set the tone and style for your wedding party. If you are not booking your wedding at a hotel, it’s important to also scout for hotels near your wedding venue. Even if your guests are local, it’s better to be safe than sorry when there is a likelihood that your guests will be drinking all night all, it is your wedding night after all!

3. Style


There is only so much you can do to change the existing style of the venue. And again this ties in with your budget and location. You can either spend money in finding a venue whether inside or outside where you can drape the walls, floors, or pitch a tent outside to have a blank canvas. Or you can find a venue in which the existing environment can easily adapt to your wedding theme. Again by finding an environment that works well with your wedding theme, you can allocate money in florals and other decor items to complement the venue.

4. Hours


The most important thing that we hear from our clients is that they just want to throw a party. If you plan on partying all night long with your friends and family, it would be a buzz kill for those yearning to dance the night away to have your event stop at 10PM. If you foresee having your reception outdoors, there is a high probability that your wedding will be forced to end before 10PM due to the noise restrictions. It’s highly recommended for those looking to party till the wee hours to book your wedding indoors at a venue that allows you to end past 12AM.

5. Food

family style

Chicken, steak, or fish? This is the never ending question that most brides and grooms usually request of their guests on their invites. We have all fallen victim to receiving this question. We noticed that at times that choosing the menu can be a little bit stressful. Some brides and grooms don’t care about the menu as much, for some it’s part of the overall experience. We suggest tailoring your wedding to your flavor palate. If you are a huge foodie, then look for a caterer that can impress your guests rather than serving the average plated dinner. To spot the best caterers, they will mention using seasonal products in their menu since that’s when they can play and have fun with the different vibrant flavors that is in season. If you want to impress your guests and be a bit different, you may also want to present the food differently than the typical buffet or plated dinners. For a more intimate setting, family style is becoming more popular and your guests can have a taste of more dishes on the table.