Food by KAY12 Catering

At last, the search is over. As experts in event planning, it was vitally important for us at Vertigo to partner with a catering organization whose commitment to perfection and client care equaled our own lofty standards. After canvassing countless prospective partners in the greater Los Angeles area, one stood out among many highly qualified outfits for their enthusiasm and raw talent: KAY12 Catering. An energetic collection of young chefs, KAY12 told us that they prided themselves on approaching every dish in their repertoire just a little bit differently than might be expected. The Vertigo staff had issued them a simple and concise challenge. “Surprise us,” we told them, inviting them to cook in our facilities. And surprised we were.

Drawing influence from all parts of a world atlas, we noticed that each chef in their kitchen had a distinctive zeal for fusing wildly different cuisines together. These pairings, however, transcended mere novelty. We were duly impressed by the sheer quality of the dishes themselves, and by the amount of creativity and culinary insight required to know that such pairings would work.

We humbly concluded that each of the KAY12 dishes was special for one simple reason: we had never tasted anything like it.

The evidence is in the food itself. A slider—a true gastropub staple—is elevated with a touch of Creole flair; under the direction of KAY12 Catering, it becomes a fried catfish slider topped with fresh-made slaw, with the meat and veggies nestled between cornbread. Their beef cheek spaetzel brings a decidedly French-Canadian influence to time-tested German classic, and their pairing of white cod with a foundation of tender and buttery quinoa was a combination of textures that etched itself in our memories.

To craft dishes so extraordinary to the palate was one matter, but we were also interested in presentation. Here again, KAY12 delivered handily. Our staff admired the understated beauty of the chefs’ beet salad, with whole ingredients like perfectly-formed balls of mozzarella plated with confidence and integrity. We were equally smitten by their rendition of a simple pasta salad, as green pesto, cherry red tomatoes, and purple cauliflower combined together to create a dish that looked as compelling as it tasted.

Another note on the limitless aptitude and professionalism of KAY12. In their minds—as it is in our own—each event is unique and demands a selection of bespoke dishes befitting of the occasion. Clients are welcomed to suggest dishes they wish KAY12 to prepare, though their chefs see it as a badge of honor to design and deliver the food that will accentuate and enhance a moment of togetherness or celebration.

Vertigo is elated to offer our guests this standard of culinary expertise. At our request, KAY12 recreated several of the dishes mentioned previously. We then photographed them in the hopes that you, the reader, would be able to vicariously experience what our partnered chefs can offer.

However, there is no substitute for the real thing. Complete our “request booking information” form, and it would be our pleasure to schedule a tasting.