Event Production

A memorable day can happen spontaneously, but that's never the way to bet. If you wish to place your finger on a specific day on your calendar and ensure that something wonderful happens at a very particular time and for a finite number of people, someone needs to get out there and make it happen. That's where we come in.

At Vertigo, we're convinced that your event is too important for any detail to be left to chance. Far in advance of the celebration, we're working meticulously so that our floor plans maximize the space of our venue, that load-in and load-out times are confirmed, and that the décor placed on each and every table will enhance the festivity. Before your guests arrive, we'll have poured ourselves into designing a menu matched with the mood and season of the event, and we'll have ensured that the ingredients we need are fresh and on hand when the day arrives. It is only this diligence that stands as a bulwark against the unexpected.

We feel compelled to mention that Vertigo is more than simply a team of experts in event production; we also pull from a dense and exclusive network of specialists in order to make certain your moment has each and every one of the resources it needs to be a success. We knew that making the right aesthetic choices in terms of drapery and fresh flowers was critical to create certain moods, and we scoured the area to find those who were as passionate for textiles and arrangements as we were. The vendors that provide our ingredients are selected based on their ability to provide only the highest standard of goods, with Vertigo partnering with separate entities for our meats, cheeses, fruits, salad greens, and spices.

Your guests will quickly become aware of much of this effort. For example, we know that they'll be very conscious of the quality of the champagne in their flute if someone chooses to raise a toast. They'll notice the extraordinary sound quality of the song that plays through our speakers at the very moment when the night's VIP enters the venue. And they'll definitely notice—and remember—the look and taste of their entrees.

However, they may not be aware of the invisible hand that guides the movement of the room; of how Vertigo has already mapped points of interest to intrigue guests and subtly draw them from one point to another, ensuring that the festivities are constantly vibrant and memorable. They may not be aware that our staff has considered how the balance of round tables and rectangular tables work together to comfortably support a night of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

Just the same, your guests will be aware that a member of our wait staff will always be there to humbly and courteously fulfill their requests. They may not be aware that said wait staff has been assigned to your event via a carefully-considered ratio in order to ensure that they will never get in the way.

This level of event production is the reason we are confident your event will be remembered. As such, it is a level of event production we feel you deserve.