Cocktails and Drinks at Vertigo Bar


For some events, the right drink is absolutely essential—far more than an afterthought, it can add a sense of gravitas, becoming a key part of the ceremony itself. What would an anniversary be without an excellent bottle of wine shared between husband and wife? Certainly, the weight and impact of a New Year's Eve party is lacking without an officious pop from a newly-opened champagne bottle. And what good would a cocktail party be without the cocktails themselves? At Vertigo, we take these matters quite seriously. When it comes to beer, we are constantly on the lookout for new, California-produced microbrews. We know the perfect temperature at which to serve a stout, and we can offer a number of beers on draft for the connoisseur. On the subject of wine, we're constantly evaluating a number of reds and whites to bring our clients sophisticated tastes and exciting flavor profiles at excellent price points.

However, it's in our cocktails that we're truly free to play and explore. Our bartenders know the very chemistry of a good drink. They consider, for example, how the cut of the ice itself affects the nature of the spirit, how the geometry of the glass affects the taste and aroma, the optimal order and method in which ingredients should be combined, and how the density of various liquids shapes the construction of specific mixed drinks. Our skills are not only a match for any wedding reception hall in Los Angeles area, but in competence with the hottest bars in Los Angeles.

Whatever you need, this level of knowledge and talent is at your beck and call.

Perhaps your event would benefit from our knowledge of food pairing. Take a sip of a well-balanced Chardonnay just before a meal of pan-fried red snapper, and you'll be amazed at how every bite of fish seems that much more buttery. Even the right beer pairing can work wonders when it comes to enhancing a dish: for example, a light, crisp lager will provide a welcome calm from the tantalizing heat of Thai-inspired cuisine.

You might also wish to offer your guests the timeless indulgence of an open bar. If so, our mixologists would delight in offering you a signature cocktail for your event, giving your guests something unexpected and delightful to savor. With a variety of freshly-sourced ingredients and garnishes, Vertigo can construct a drink that perfectly matches the tone and season of your event, ensuring that compliments will echo throughout the party.

To learn more about what Vertigo has to offer, contact us today. We'll show you some of the many ways that our knowledge of beer, wine, and spirits can make candles glow a little brighter, make laughs a little heartier, and move the night into the realm of the exquisite.