Armenian Weddings


At Vertigo Event Venue , we love to see first-timers at Armenian weddings—they have no idea what they're in for.

Chances are, the day started out like most other celebrations of holy matrimony. The guests will still be thinking about how graceful the bride looked as she walked down the aisle, the warmth of the pastor's speeches, and the tenderness of the bride and groom's first kiss as a married couple. It's at the reception that the party erupts. As soon as the wedding party walks through our door, we crack our knuckles and start firing on all cylinders.

It's just not an Armenian wedding reception without a huge entrance, and we make sure that each member of the wedding party gets a grand introduction, with booming speakers and sweeping lights giving the star players a welcome worthy of a red-carpet event. As the bride and groom walk hand-in-hand through the entryway, the music swells and the crowd rushes to circle around them on the dance floor. Any conversations are immediately drowned out by the blare of music and the blast of hundreds of hand claps keeping the beat. After about 20 minutes of dances with the bride and groom, the volume drops, and the guests turn back to their tables.

Already waiting for them is the first wave of the countless appetizers and entrees to be relished during the evening. To the uninitiated, this bombardment of culinary delights seems unreal: before the steam stops rising from the first hot plate, crisp salads and fresh-grilled skewers of fine meats are carried in one after another. And, on every table, the bride and groom will have thoughtfully placed a bottle of the finest vodka or whiskey—often both.

But just as you manage to coax a succulent cube of filet mignon off its skewer, the lights will dim again as the whole room rushes back onto the dance floor. This is a moment for everyone. Don't be surprised if you see the most straight-laced executive in the room rush out to be the center of attention, blowing off a hard day in the office by spinning like a top and moving his hips in perfect time with the music. Men compete with one another to be the most wild and uninhibited, each of them heavily encouraged to bring their A-game by the sly smiles and seductive moves of the bride herself.

And just like that, the rhythm slows and the lights raise once more, encouraging the guests to fuel up with food and drink for the next round of celebrations, toasts, a bouquet toss—and of course, more dancing. When the moment is just right and the music once again reaches a thunderous volume, the crowd will lift both the bride and groom high in the air to dance on the tops of chairs. The night ends only when the guests have reached a point of total exhaustion, stumbling out of their tables and loosening their belts a few notches from the last sweet bite of wedding cake.

During the entire celebration, Vertigo is orchestrating everything to make sure it's perfect. It's our creativity that allows us to craft new and exciting takes on Armenian comfort food, but it's our professionalism that allows us to get the dishes to your table right before you sit down. Our network of DJs and live singers know how to blend Armenian wedding classics with modern dance music to keep everyone moving. All throughout the night, we're fusing the old with the new for a high-energy and unmistakable celebration that still honors the past.

If you're considering an Armenian wedding, Vertigo has all of the ingredients to make your reception simply unforgettable. Contact us today, and we'd be happy to tell you more about the exciting possibilities within such a cherished and time-honored tradition.