Anniversaries at Vertigo


It's undeniable: you and your loved one have moved mountains. Together, you've shared moments of profound joy, delighted in each other's successes, and have built a life to be proud of. And very likely, you've managed to walk hand-in-hand through the storm of financial challenges, unexpected setbacks, and various emotional upsets, only to emerge with your love burning even stronger than before. The anniversary is important because it celebrates the richness and complexity of your adoration for one another. It is a time carved aside for two lovers to look back at the road they traveled together and smile, knowing that the one constant through good times and bad was that they were never alone. It is also a time to look ahead to the future you will continue to share together—perhaps this may be the purchase of a beautiful new home with a white picket fence, or perhaps a vacation to zip-line through the breathtaking forest canopies of Costa Rica. An anniversary is a time to celebrate every “Remember when...” and “I can't wait until...”

And in our opinion, that's precisely why your next Anniversary should be not just memorable, but breathtaking.

Our facility provides the perfect foundation for you to further strengthen your relationship. As the features of our spaces are both luxurious and modifiable to a stunning variety of color schemes, Vertigo's understated elegance will always be an ideal complement to the wishes of our couples. And, with our Glendale location centrally accessible from the whole of Los Angeles, it's also a supremely practical choice for large gatherings. For up to 300 of your closest friends and family members, we would like nothing more than to put your partnership on a pedestal.

In the kitchen, our extraordinary chefs will be busy constructing a five-star culinary experience that can be shared by the whole room. Behind the counter, imagine our bartenders serving the same drinks that the two of you ordered on your first date. And, when you dance with your loved one to “your song,” our in-house speakers and theatrical lighting will remind you exactly why you and your partner fell in love in the first place.

Unlike other banquet halls, we have the event production skills to make sure that the day comes together perfectly. Not only will we help you construct your vision, but we'll source just the right vendors and professionals within Glendale and throughout Los Angeles to make sure that it comes to fruition. With the help of fresh flower vendors, we can design jaw-dropping table displays. Our list of specialty bakers and pastry chefs can render a stunning anniversary cake that delights the eyes and the palate. And, our virtuoso photographers are a phone call away in order to capture your anniversary with grace and sophistication.

Your anniversary should be as big as the love and commitment you have for your spouse. That's why we invite you to celebrate it at an event venue that understands that luxury and moments of celebration, like love itself, are always made richer when shared.