Alliance with Third Party Vendors


We wish we could take all of the credit for the success of our events, but the truth is that many of the celebrations that happen inside of Vertigo's walls are finely orchestrated partnerships between ourselves and some of the finest vendors to be found in Southern California. While each of Vertigo's packages offers you everything you need for an occasion as memorable as it is lavish, there are often times when our clients wish to add an even greater amount of flair to the day. If only European-sourced flowers will do, or when you might wish for your VIP to take their first view of Vertigo through the window of a well-appointed town car, please allow us to connect you to those who share our enthusiasm for making sure every detail is perfect. For your benefit, we at Vertigo held an audition with a dozen of vendors across an immense number of categories to evaluate their ability to collaborate with other vendors in a very unique way. We asked ourselves if we saw ourselves in their operations. Did the customer come first? Did the customer come first? Did they have a sterling reputation, both online and through word-of-mouth? Were they driven to innovate and lead?

The goal was simple -- use Vertigo's spaces as a blank canvas to create your dream photoshoot. We evaluated them by their creativity, the way they communicated with one another, and the ability to think BIGGER and execute it.

With a combination of up and coming vendors to the well-established, we are proud to partner with those who have continually demonstrated what it means to be passionate. With immense pride, allow us to refer you to all of the following, should you require them:


In our opinion, floral arrangement is an under-appreciated art, and every bouquet tells a particular kind of story. Our preferred vendors are some of the first to arrive at Los Angeles' thriving flower markets in the earliest hours of the morning, hand-picking only the most striking of blossoms and vivid of colors for your guests' tables.

AVANT GARDEN 818-279-5600 @avant_garden

PETALS LA 323-389-5411 @petalsla

TIC TOCK FLORALS 323-874-3034 @tictockflorals

Photographers & Videographers

A truly memorable event deserves to be immortalized not just with one photograph, but with several. Imagine opening up a leather-bound photo album with a loved one, perhaps decades from now. Vertigo sought only those photographers and videographers who truly appreciated the gravity of that moment. As part of our network, they stand ready to produce a record of your event that you'll be proud to share with others.

ARMEN ASADORIAN 818-789-9825 @armenphoto

DUKE PHOTOGRAPHY 626-744-9695 @dukeimages

RAY PRO STUDIOS 818-730-6899 @raypro

RED SCREEN PRODUCTIONS 818-632-6121 @redscreenproductions

Event Planners

Also known as the conductor of all events -- the one who orchestrates all your affairs into a magical experience. Nobody understands this better than our partnered vendors. Each client deserves the kind of event planner who is as passionate to spend continuous hours with you guiding you create your dream event, even better than you had imagined.

KAT MINASSI EVENTS 818-903-6472 @katminassievents

LOVE IT EVENTS 818-438-6210 @loveitevents

MEMORABLE MOMENTS 818-459-4885 @memorablemoments26

Hair, Make-Up & Fashion

When you look your best, smiles are a little bit wider, colors seem a little more vibrant, and every sip of Malbec is just the slightest bit more delicious. In short, the day falls perfectly into place. Let our partners make sure that when you walk through our doors on the day of your celebration, you'll immediately turn heads and command the attention of the room.

AVENUE SALON 818-606-5141 @arsineh_hairstylist

BEAUTY BY DEE 818-669-9134 @beautybydee

ENIPRA MAKEUP 818-669-6694 @enipramakeup

MAKEUP BY ARPI 818-383-1114 @makeupbyarpi

R-MINE BESPOKE 818-505-9064 @rminebespoke

KAROZA DESIGN 818-246-0656 @arsine_karozabridalinc

Dessert & Cake Bakers

Constructing a three-tiered wedding cake is more than just baking—it's an exercise in both architecture and chemistry. Our vendors take pride in constructing edible centerpieces that are sure to live on in your guests' memories long after the last fork is returned to its plate. If your event needs a sweet treat that tantalizes and draws the room together, our vendors are standing by.

CAKE STUDIO LA 818-438-6210 @cakestudiola

COOLHAUS ICE CREAM 310-424-5559 @coolhaus

RAFI's PASTRY & CAKES 818-502-0960 @rafispastry

SPRINKLES CUPCAKES 310-729-5831 @sprinklescupcakes

Assorted Rentals

From antique furniture to striking tuxedos, Vertigo's vendors have you covered. If you want external speakers so powerful that they will cause the tableware to shake, we have a contact's phone number waiting for you. If only Austrian valances in ultramarine blue will suffice for your event, our drapery specialists are at your beck and call. Whatever your idea of the perfect grace note to a spectacular event, someone in Vertigo's network can make it possible.

PALACE PARTY RENTALS 800-390-8722 @palacepartyrental

WHITE NIGHT DESIGN 818-409-9432 @whitenightdesign

We also wish to point out that when you use the services of our partnered vendors, you're not just getting a superior standard of quality and customer care—you're also getting an excellent deal. Thanks to our volume of referrals, we've been able to negotiate preferred rates for Vertigo clients.

Whatever your extra needs, Vertigo and its partners have the experience and professionalism to fulfill them. Rest easy knowing that we've already done the legwork for you.