Choosing Your Menu Style

Choosing Your Menu Style

Buffet Stations, Family Style, or Plated Service? This is the question that most venues and catering companies will ask you prior to creating a proposal for you. To help you figure out which style works best for you, we broke it down for you with a pro and con list of each. So the next time you are asked this very question, you will be armed with the best answer possible.

Quinceañeras and Sweet Sixteen Parties


While it's possible to celebrate several weddings over the course of a lifetime, and while every birthday or anniversary can be a just cause for a lavish reception, Quinceañeras and Sweet 16 parties are unique in that they can only happen once. Time doesn't go backwards; once a member of the fairer sex transitions from girl to woman, it is a moment that can never be revisited. For this reason, we at Vertigo delight in making sure that this momentous day is quite truly the party of a lifetime.

We begin with the space itself. The personality of your young debutante might be a perfect match for our White Ballroom—pure, graceful, and symbolic of a new tier of adult sophistication. Imagine how the pristine tones of white might envelope and magnify a flowing, royal blue dress. On the other hand, perhaps the young one has something of a devilish personality. If she's the sort to throw caution and tradition into the wind, our Black Banquet and her edgy nature may just be a perfect match. Whatever her style, our spaces will accommodate.

What you may not realize is that our experience as event planners throughout Los Angeles has allowed us to perfect many a Quince and Sweet 16 party. Both occasions lean quite heavily on tradition and ceremony. Here, Vertigo delivers. Our state-of-the-art, in-house speakers ensure absolute clarity throughout the evening, from toasts given to the young lady of honor to the sound levels and mix of each song played on the dance floor.

Additionally, Vertigo's event spaces are immensely flexible when it comes to adding the colors of your choice. If pink happens to be the young lady's favorite color, we can supply pink linens, pink curtains, and pink table decorations. In other cases, our theatrical lighting system allows us to project a huge array of colors against the walls and tables themselves. In just a few minutes, we can transform our space to make any debutante's vision a reality.

Of course, our network of preferred vendors is at your disposal if you wish to make certain that every detail is immaculate. If needed, our florists can supply fresh-cut roses and petals of just the right color. Our DJs are adept at controlling the energy level of the room, as if it were only another slider on their turntables. Just as importantly, a superior photographer from our network could be taking the snapshots that allow the magic and excitement to live on years into the future—always a wise decision, considering such moments happen but once. Even if you need tiaras, dresses, or the perfect pair of shoes, our vendors have you covered.

This is to say nothing of the food, which makes every Quinceañera or Sweet Sixteen a knockout, no matter what the ages of your various guests. Our kitchen staff prides themselves in being able to prepare a number of Mexican staples the traditional way, including handmade tortillas and salsas made fresh for the event. On the other hand, if you'd like your loved one's Sweet Sixteen party to include dishes that elevate foods beloved by children to an adult's level of taste and refinement, we'd be delighted to plan a menu that can be enjoyed by the whole of the event venue.

Both the Quinceañera and the Sweet 16 are timeless celebrations made all the more important because the event they mark is so fleeting. For that reason, we work tirelessly to make the day as beautiful and memorable as the woman they commemorate. We hope that you'll agree, and if so, Vertigo is just a phone call or email away.