Five Things to Consider When Booking a Venue.


Event planning can be complicated, whether its your thousandth party or your first soiree. We know that the logistics, decisions, and choices can be daunting, but as the saying goes, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  We've put together a brief list of things to consider (and ask about) when you're scouting the perfect place for your party.

  1. Parking - 

    You'll want to know the parking options that exist. Look for venues that have an attached parking lot or valet car service. There's nothing like being able to provide in-depth parking information on the invitation for that extra touch of hospitality.


  2. Guest Count-

    You want to know how many people are attending. Venue managers are well versed in their space. Not all square footages are created equal. The same party may seem cramped or lonely depending on certain nuances of floor plan and design. Knowing your exact guest count will allow you to get an accurate quote from catering, and help you find the optimal location for your event. And on the subject of catering:


  3. Catering Options- 

    In-house catering is often the best solution, as you're guaranteed a chef who's familiar with your space and it decreases the chance of complications or problems. In-house catering also decreases the travel time of food, food is prepared on site, rather than at a remote kitchen, it will be hotter and more fresh. 


  4. Event Planning- 

    Just as in-house catering simplifies and streamlines the process, ask your potential venues about other planning services, decorating, DJ's, design, et cetera. Bundling services can save money, and eliminate potential hurdles, problems and complications. You'll also want to ask about included equipment and after-party cleaning services.


  5. Do you like the space? 

    This is a simple question, but amidst a whirl of questions about logistics, budget, headcounts, and other numbers, people often fail to ask it. When you walk through a venue, ask yourself, do you like the feel? Do you like the staff? Does the decor, location, and general vibe help sell the tone and impression you're seeking to convey with your event? Ideally your venue will cover you on all the crucial small details, but also be perfect for your needs. Ideally, you'll pick the venue that you fall madly in love with.